Our Recipe For Transformation and Wall Make-Over

Our two major paint brands: Porch Paint and Malyne paint, are house hold names, with over 10, 000 colour selection, made possible by our high tech computerized Tinting machine that can help provide the solution to your colour preference and colour taste.


Porchworld Global Investment Limited’s, Porch Paint and Malyne paint, possess strong sealing ability and wet-scrub resistance; anti fungus and alkaline resistance. Also, they cover between 20-30 per coat and dry quickly within 30 minutes of application.


Porch Paint and Malyne paint are available as follows: Enamel Gloss, Undercoat/Primer, Wood Finishes, Water Proof Putty, Smooth Textured, Floor Paint, Exterior Wall Paint, Lotus Silk, Anti Satin Exterior, Decorative Paint, Wall Satin Paint, Road Marking Paint, Metal Paint, Exterior Elastic Paint, etc. 

Who We Are

Porchworld Global Investment Limited has remained  a delight in the paint coating industry in Nigeria over the year with our latest innovation in paint manufacturing . We assist our clients with painting solutions in a professional manner backed by integrity and excellent service for aesthetically finishes. 


We offer our clients a wide selection of high performance paints and industrial coatings for every surface at competitive prices.  Our highly trained teams have many years of experience in the paint industry and understand our client’s need .

We Transform Home Space
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